Let’s get Inspired!

Let’s get Inspired!

As a mother of two boys, when Arkano first proposed me to participate in the next Microsoft Inspire, I felt a bit concerned about how my 8 months old boy would go through the days I was not going to be home. I told my husband about the idea and told him it was a huge Microsoft annual event, gathering the company employees, partners and clients from al around the world.
During 4 days people would participate in sessions, networking, parties, accountability of the year that passed and that prepares us for what is coming. It was a unique opportunity for someone like me, who was working in Finance and Administration by the time, to get to know the ecosystem from first hand and to understand the plan Microsoft would follow the next fiscal year. My husband immediately backed me up and told to jump into the opportunity. And so I did and I am very grateful I could because it has been an awesome experience.

I could have never imagined the intensity of the last past days.

The days before the event, while scheduling sessions and meetings, colleagues that had come before shared their experience with me and at that time, I was not capable of understanding the dimension and all the things that happen in an event like Microsoft Inspire. And why do I say so? Well, first, you get to assist to the corenotes in which you listen from the very top Microsoft executives the company mission, why they are going that way, what they want to achieve and an introduction to the latest news regarding technology.

Second, you get to know in person the people from Microsoft you or your team work with all the year round. It is an extraordinary opportunity to know them better, understand their objectives, tell them what your company is working on and how we can collaborate with each other. And although technology brings us together and makes communication easy across different countries and making it possible, having the chance to sit together, have a coffee, share a lunch, is an instance that generates much more commitment and synergy. You understand from those encounters where your company is in their map, who knows about the work it is engaged in, who doesn’t, who you want to get to know it to be more visible.

Third, you get the same chance to talk to partners and clients (or potential clients), to explore possible alliances, to learn about best practices and to exchange ideas. And, again, that face to face meeting you are able to have at the event, is an excellent way of getting to know each other as no virtual meeting will does.

And last, but not least, and here is when the magic is done, you may end up getting to know a partner who might be a perfect match to your company’s offer, just because you were looking for a bag to put your mate in at The Hub (the space in which there are stands showing latest trends). Or you might come across that person you have been trying to reach for weeks, and suddenly you are standing in front of her or him and you get the chance to get a micro meeting standing at a hallway at The Hub and from there you have homework to do and keep moving forward. We planned a lot of meetings and they were incredibly productive, but all the ad hoc contacts we had just because of being there are the event huge plus.

But as not everything is work, the after parties we attended every night to celebrate team  achievements, must be mentioned. The first one was with the South Subsidiary in a place called Top Golf (a 4-floor building with mini golf shooting spot and a huge court, that was really fun! As Arkano was awarded LATAM Partner of the year for Manufacturing and Resources because of the Minsur project, we were invited to the LATAM Awards Ceremony and party, in which Microsoft Executives handed the award to Arkano’s CEO. We were congratulated by partners and Microsoft executives and I felt so grateful to Microsoft and our Arkano team, because of all the work it has been done over the past years.

The One Celebration party is the highest entertainment point of Inspire and we were delighted with a Queen concert that was stunning. Sharing a drink in an informal ambience with all the ecosystem is an experience that brings you together and helps you to connect.




Think about all that and add that all this happened in a city like Las Vegas, in July, with temperatures of over 40 degrees Celsius, the impressive hotels, the air conditioning, the long distances walked every day, the city at the service of the event, the tourists, the casinos. The organization was impressive and everything worked smoothly, the buses, the entry to the events, when leaving, it was impeccable. By the end of the day you feel exhausted but happy to be there, to be part and to have learned a lot that will have an impact in your company when going back home.

So now, going back home, I am trying to get my ideas in order and thinking about the next steps. We have a lot of work to do so let’s get started buy mainly, let’s get Inspired!

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